What the Territory taught us with The Galways

What the Territory taught us     

Our 6 weeks in the Territory has been nothing short of ahhh-mazing! From the Red Centre to the Top End and everything in between we have had our breath taken away time and time again. The landscape is magnificent, the wildlife tenacious, the people are courageous and quirky and we are certainly better for the experience.



The Territory is quintessentially true blue, through and through and holds the heart of the nation.

We've been to Uluru and Kata Tjuta 10 years ago, so the beauty and the connection we felt to this area was anticipated but the Top End blew us away! What an awesome place for a holiday like no other! Kicking off with a ripper night at Daly Waters then on to Mataranka, Katherine, Litchfield, Darwin and Kakadu... all are must see destinations with their own unique qualities. There's no question that the Top End is its own kind of 'exotic holiday'.





Over the past few weeks we swam daily in places that we have previously only ever dreamed about... under waterfalls, in natural infinity pools with views like no other, in thermal pools, hot springs and rock pools. Could it be that the NT is Australia's best kept secret? Not according to overseas tourists who absolutely love the Territory and for them it is Australia's ultimate destination, a rite of passage even!

No it's not the coast and yes we are hanging for our first saltwater swim in a long time BUT the Territory is truly an ahhh-mazing holiday destination not to be missed! If the world wants to see the Territory then why don't ordinary Australians have it top of their list? It wasn't at the top of ours either but we want to help spread the word that the Territory IS tops!




Here are the top 10 things the NT has taught us

  1. When we hear the word station we no longer think of a railway 
  2. Rodeos are some of the best fun you'll ever have 
  3. The tropics get very hot and DRY
  4. 1800klms in 3 days is a snack and driving at 130klms/hr is perfectly normal (and legal!) 
  5. Bushfires are good and necessary for renewal 
  6. There are possibly more cane toads in NT than QLD, including in Kakadu and Litchfield 
  7. We know more about four wheel driving than we actually thought we did (check out our YouTube of us going over the sand dune with the 3t Condor caravan on the back at Uluru by sunrise free camp)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  8. Kakadu and Litchfield should NEVER be compared! They are completely different and both wonderful! 
  9. Crocs ain't so bad after all... we've actually come to love them 
  10. We have always loved Aboriginal culture but our time here has made us acutely aware and more proud of our country's rich Aboriginal history (65,000 years of it!)... something we Aussies don't celebrate enough! 





Our top Territory favs

Adam - Staying at Wangi Falls, Litchfield NP

Sharon - Kakadu NP (for the place), Darwin (for the many friends we made)

Ella - Staying at Uluru by sunrise free camp & Noonamah rodeo

Ava - Our night at Daly Waters Pub

Noah - Nathan Whippy Griggs' show (Mataranka), Micks Whips show (Mindil Beach)

The Territory might not be on top of your list but be sure to visit and embrace it for what it is... you will be surprised!




For more pics and videos of the Galway's Territory trip check out their YouTube channel 


Words & Pics courtesy Galways Go Round