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We are often asked how we survive each other squeezed in a van together as a family?

For most of our married life I have worked away from home or simply worked so many hours that the time I had at home was minimal and Kirby was left on her own with the kids. Living on a farm we always had plenty of space and I had my shed to go hide in if life was getting too much.

Since heading off on our adventure that has really changed. Living in a caravan means squeezing our family into a space smaller than most people have in their bed room. We are continually climbing over each other, sometimes literally. Outside of the van we are together nearly constantly.

I would describe life on the road as similar to living in a house in nearly every way except more intense. Living so closely in the van and spending all of your time together, only getting a few minutes alone when you go hide in the bathroom!

As you can imagine small things can sometimes become really annoying and I don't think a day has gone by where I havent had some disagreement with Kirby or one of the kids.

Lately Kirby has had a few commitments taking her away from us for a couple of nights at a time. While she has been away we are in constant contact, sending messages and photos of everything we are doing to the point when we do 'facetime' we have nothing new to say.

And you know what?

I still miss her like crazy!

Yep two nights and I'm an emotional mess and I can't sleep without her. And it's not just me. The kids and I stayed in a 2 bedroom 'family room' at a hotel. We ended up spending the night all squeezed into one bed because the kids needed to be close to one another.

While we have always been a loving family the decision to quit work, sell off all our possessions and hit the road really has brought us together. And while we do still argue from time to time and we do have our good days and bad days. We are now closer than we have ever been.

- Gibbo


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