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FREE and LOW COST things to do on the AUSTRALIAN DINOSAUR TRAIL                                                                 and in Outback Queensland, Australia





Which ones have you done?



What a fabulous and unforgettable time our family spent learning and exploring along the Dinosaur Trail and Outback Loop. Absolutely every attraction we visited was well and truely worth it - particularly Australian Age of Dinosaurs, Kronosaurus Korner and Lark Quarry. But as a family travelling long term, we kept our budget balanced with exploring the many FREE and LOW cost experiences along the way.

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Here's our personal recommendations:



WINTON - Australian Dinosaur Capital of Australia
Experience Winton

- Watch and bet on multi-coloured chickens racing at Ben's Chicken Stampede and Aquaponics Farm with half the profits going to local charities. If you haven't seen Mr 8 hilarious video on our page - you must!

- Enjoy Banjo Paterson poetry at The North Gregory Hotel. Sit back with a drink (or a meal like we did) and enjoy the free nightly entertainment. Mulga Bills bicycle was a big hit with the kids!

- Belt out a few tunes at the Winton,Musical Fence & visit the Qantas monument.

- Explore the wonder of the scrap art collections at Arnos Wall.

- Try your hand at Fishing at Mistake Creek. There’s Yellowbelly here, but hiding for our visit!

- Don't forget the Outback Festival, Winton Queensland Australia is on this school holidays! The line up looks incredible and we're sad that we'll miss it. Also the Age of Dinosaurs have free and cheap extra activities on for the kids as well!





- Take the self drive tour to Bladensburg National Park and visit the Bladensburg Homestead.

- Enjoy the scenery around Lawrence Lookout. We walked around and under to explore the beautiful rocks and even discovered fossilised poo! 

- Create awesome photo opportunities at the ruins of The Old Cork Homestead.

 You'll Dig Richmond - Outback Queensland

- Your almost guaranteed to find your own fossil to keep at the Quarry sites just out of town. Organise your cheap permit through Kronosaurus Korner and go get digging!

- Take a refreshing dip at Lake Fred Tritton. Or if your like us blow up the boat for the kids to play on and try your hand at fishing!

- Also at Lake Fred Tritton is a small water park, playground and great BBQ facilities.

- Take a stroll through the Cambridge Downs Heritage Centre right in town.



 HUGHENDEN and Surrounds


- Another chance to find your own fossils is found just out of town. The Flinders Discovery Centre has handy directions that takes you to two dry river beds which are known spots to find Belemnite Fossils! Bonus is, it's on the way to Porcupine Gorge.

- If you like stunning views, great walks, refreshing swim and no internet, than Porcupine Gorge National Park, 60 kms north of Hughenden is absolutely for you.

- The Brodie Street Playground back in town will help keep the kids entertained a while and get some of that extra energy out.

There really is so much to see and do out here in Outback Queensland!!!

We have loved our visit tremendously and we hope you enjoy your stay and learn as much as we did.






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Story and Images thanks to the guys from Lost & Loving It