Matt & Paula’s Jayco Swan Outback

Jayco Swan Outback 2013

In August 2013 Paula and I bought our first camper.  Paula and kids hadn’t done a lot of camping so we didn’t want to spend a fortune ($60K) on a triple bunk to find out kids weren’t overly keen so we looked into what options were available to us.

– A caravan for us with an annexe for kids to sleep in on blow up mattresses

– A caravan for us and kids in tents

– A caravan for us with kids in swags

– Camper trailer (canvas tent on a trailer )

We seriously started to look into a few camper trailers but Paula (the boss) wasn’t jumping for joy over that idea either until we stumbled across the Jayco camper trailer.  This had everything we wanted and suited our needs and could accommodate all of us. We went back a few times to check it out and fell in love with it , so this was it  – the beginning of our camping adventures.

Our first trip away was just to the local caravan park to learn how it all works… what an adventure that was but like anything doesn’t take long to work out that a few modifications needed to be made as we enjoy sitting outside we needed some outside speakers for starters, so I got to work and installed a couple on the outside and for ease of use I also rigged up a couple of switches inside the door to turn inside off outside on or inside and outside on or outside off and inside on it made a huge difference and was happy with how it turned out, also installed a couple of usb chargers near wardrobe for kids to charge their gadgets.





Of course we needed a new bbq to compliment our new purchase.




Next project was the drop down wardrobe as there was 5 of us it made more sense to have 5 shelves one for each of us this way there was enough for toiletries , socks , jocks , t-shirts etc .  On top of the wardrobe is where we sat the TV ( not as though we used it ) but could see one of the kids knocking it off getting in and out of bed so permanently mounted the tv on top  of wardrobe , took a bit of working out with the angle of the bracket so TV would fit when wardrobe was folded down and also in correct position when wardrobe was up all I then had to do was plug in power and ariel.






After a couple of test trips we soon realised we needed some extra storage so bought 2 pole carriers and installed on the front of the drawbar. This freed up more room in the tunnel boot for our gazebo and other things.





After sweltering and surviving a storm in Adelaide I thought we need to invest in an aircon just to make it pleasant to sleep at night , and after walking around checking out other caravans etc came up with idea of a custom made and shade  as a permanent fixture on the kitchen side of camper , a couple of reasons for this firstly for shade factor on that side and also it helped shade the fridge so it wasn’t working as hard, but also once pegged down and tightened up along with roll out awning on other side also pegged down and tightened it became a lot more sturdy and hardly moved when the wind really picked up. With left over material we got a shade/Privacy screen made up for one end.   After sourcing an Aircon that was suitable from Craig Morgan who done a fantastic  job getting it fitted and looking after us very well with price we were now set for hot days.





NOTE : As a safety precaution no matter what brand of this style of camper u should ALWAYS use your roof support poles.




As our Second major get away in it was fast approaching (Easter @ Renmark big 4)  we left our run a bit late we could only get an un powered site so thought it was time to get a solar/battery package to compliment our set up this would open up a whole other world of camping for us, being able to camp off grid.  We got a 120w panel mounted on rood and a 105amp/h battery and found this was plenty of juice to keep us powered up.




The Camper also came in very handy for my 40th as we used it for music and also accommodation for those that had that one too many. Paula also surprised me with a swan outback cake which was awesome.




As the kids got older they came less and less so was time for an upgrade , we sold it in June 2016 to a lovely family who I hope will have as much fun in it as we did, was sad to see it go as we made some awesome ever lasting memories in it



But let’s be honest isn’t that what caravan & camping is all about “making memories”