Kylie and Marty’s Roadstar Safari Tamer

Kylie and Marty have been travelling around the country together for over 10 years.  In that time they have been to some of the most iconic and remote areas of Australia in various forms of mobile accomodation.  They’re current caravan is a Roadstar Safari Tamer and it is a beast.  Built for the toughest conditions, it is a true off road caravan but it doesn’t skimp on luxury or features.  The interior is spacious and comfortable with an impressive LED lighting system and plenty of storage.  Outside its all tough and practical with more storage and protection from the bush.  Combined with their Toyota Landcruiser, they are well set up for extended trips in the outback.  Kylie and Marty, who love travelling with their three West Highland White terriers Cassidy, Savannah and Poppy, are planning a 12 month trip around Australia and have a really fantastic travel blog full of useful information for other traveller.  Visit them at