Mt Gambier, SA

When visiting Mount Gambier, make your first stop at ‘The Lady Nelson’ Visitor Centre. The Centre provides information on Mount Gambier and The Limestone Coast. Their friendly staff will help you get the most out of your stay in Mount Gambier. Offering up to date information about all of the local attractions and accommodation for the Mount Gambier area.






    The Blue Lake, beautiful all year round, marvel at its mysterious colour change in warmer weather.

     A sealed road takes you all around the perimeter; stop at the lookouts for panoramic views. Or you can

     walk around the Lake, only 3.6km it is an easy 45 minute walk. Free Entry John Watson Drive Mount Gambier

    1800 087 187 Aquifer Tour, a fascinating 45 minute tour, gets down close to the water to find out more about

    the Folklore, History, Geology and Aboriginal Legend of the lake. Enjoy a coffee afterwards.





Valley Lake & Centenary Tower, drive down into the Valley Lake area and enjoy the free Wildlife Conservation Park, with koalas and kangaroos. Children will love the Adventure Playground. Free barbecues available. Bring a picnic, feed the ducks, and discover Brownes Lake. This was the site of Mount Gambier’s original botanic gardens and the area is picturesque all year round, but especially in Autumn. The magnificent view is worth the short, steep walk from the car park to the highest point in the area, Centenary Tower, take a great photo of the Valley Lake and view other volcanic craters. On a clear day enjoy breathtaking views of the sand dunes and ocean in the distance. Tower open when the flag is flying from the Top, climb to the top of the tower for an even better view.






Little Blue Lake is a popular tourist attraction in the Mount Gambier region. The Little Blue Lake is just 11km south west of Mount Gambier, those driving here should look for the turnoff near the Bellum Hotel.The Little Blue Lake is a small lake that used to have crystal clear bluish water. However, due to excessive pollution in recent times, the lake water turned to a muddy green. The greenish colour of this lake was due to excessive algae growth in its water. After recent cleaning projects, the lake has now become a clean and clear. The Little Blue Lake is a popular diving and swimming spot of this area, with many people coming here to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Due to its high popularity, the local council has built a stepped walkway, which leads to a floating pontoon on the lake. With such options, swimmers will find it easy to access the lake and swim in the water.






Engelbrecht Cave deep underneath Mount Gambier is this unique cave with its interesting local history.

Take a tour to discover why cave divers swim through the water filled passages under the streets and roads of Mount Gambier.

The Alfresco Cafe is available and sources Artisan food and gifts.







The lush beauty of the Umpherston Sinkhole, also known as the sunken gardens, has to be seen to be believed. Appreciate is size and depth from the viewing platforms at the top of the sinkhole, then, walk down into the sinkhole, along the terraces and behind the hanging vines. The resident colony of possums make an appearance at dusk and enjoy being fed fresh fruit. A large undercover shelter with groups seating and free BBQ is provided. Kiosk on site for, coffee, snacks, ice creams, and souvenirs.








Cave Garden Beautiful roses are a stunning feature of the famous Cave Garden, a state heritage area, in the centre of Mount Gambier.

With its historic garden flowing deep into the sinkhole, this area is a great meeting place for locals.

Walking down into the sinkhole there are several viewing platforms which hang dramatically over the sinkhole.

A bonus in wet weather is the spectacular waterfall .






Diving and Snorkelling

There are numerous water filled caves and sinkholes in the Mount Gambier area that can be accessed for diving and snorkelling. However, most are situated on private land and are accessible only by permission of the landowner and within the regulations and training criteria as set by the Cave Diving Assocaition of Australia (CDAA).Due to the constant cold tempature of the water in all caves and sinkholes, warm, well insulated full length wetsuits should always be worn.



Ewens Ponds is accessible for divers who hold an Open Water Dive Certificate and snorkellers. Guidelines are available from The Mount Gambier Visitor Centre and The Department for Environment, Heritage, Water and Natural Resources (








To protect the unique and fragile environment of Piccaninnie Ponds and to improve the diving and snorkelling experience, a permit and time slot system is operated by The Department for Environment, Heritage, Water and Natural Resources which requires completion of an indemnity and conditions form and payment of fees.






Mt Gambier is a unique town with many things to see and do not just in town but the Limestone Coast and surrounding areas too , there is Princess Margaret Rose Caves , beautiful seaside town of nelson where the Glenelg river meets the sea , Coonawarra wine region, Port MacDonnell , (Australia’s rock lobster capital) just to name a few , do your self a favour and come for a holiday. Ill catch up with ya for a frothy or 2 while ya  here.