Hex Pegs

Hex Peg Review   



Ok guys and girls lets be honest here a tent peg is a tent peg right……. Well after years of Matt hammering in and pulling out normal tent pegs (while there is nothing wrong with traditional tent pegs) and sitting back watching others do the same and all the arguments that go with it, you have to admit they can be a pain to hammer in sometimes because of hard or rocky ground. 

Matt and I were lucky enough to come across  HEX PEGS and OMG it has made life so much easier, yes you heard right easier, as these Hex Pegs are drillable tent pegs – so in other words you simply grab a cordless  drill, attach the socket and drill the Hex Peg into the ground.






The pegs are reusable, made from high quality steel so they are designed to last.  They can be used with Tents, Awnings, Annexes, Shelters and Gazebo’s.


These clever pegs have been designed with the user in mind as they understand that a significant portion of campers or caravanners may not have the back’s, hips or knees they once had so these pegs definitely make caravanning, camping and the outdoors even more enjoyable.


We live in the Limestone coast so as you can imagine our ground is rather hard – here is an example of how easy it is. Watch video below 





Review by Paula Williams