Wrap Up from FREE Caravan and RV Safety Inspection Program – Bendigo Caravan & Camping Leisurefest 2017


‘FREE Caravan and RV Safety Inspection’ Program – Bendigo Caravan & Camping Leisurefest 2017

Media Release: Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Caravan Trade Industry Association of Victoria and Everything Caravan & Camping continue to put safety first by conducting yet another ‘FREE Caravan and RV Safety Inspection’ program at the 2017 Bendigo Caravan & Camping Leisurefest!

The Caravan Trade Industry Association of Victoria and Everything Caravan & Camping in partnership with industry regulators;

Energy Safe Victoria, Victorian Building Authority and Caravan Electrical Solutions and industry businesses;

Hayman Reese, Epsom Palms Caravan World, Northern RV Services and Advantage Caravan Repairs  joined forces to conduct the second ‘Free Caravan and RV Safety Inspection’ program at the 2017 Bendigo Caravan and Camping Leisurefest in late November at the Bendigo Racecourse. After receiving fantastic feedback from participants and an abundance of interest from the public at the initial ‘Free Caravan and RV Safety Inspection’ program, held at the 2017 Melbourne Leisurefest in October - it was no secret that this program was a huge success for the industry.




Mr Rob Lucas, CEO, Caravan Industry Association of Victoria (CIA VIC) commented, ‘Ensuring that the correct information and that communication is distributed via the right mediums is key for the success of the ‘Free Caravan and RV Safety Inspection’ Program. Thanks to our partner, Matt and the team from Everything Caravan and Camping, we found that 88% of Bendigo Safety Inspection participants heard about the program through the Everything Caravan & Camping website & Facebook group.’



‘As part of the Association’s strategy to better educate the industry and consumers through our National Caravan Industry Training College, which is continuing to go from strength to strength within the industry – our next stage of focus is consumer education. We hope that by coordinating these ‘FREE Caravan and RV Safety Inspection’ program days it will be the first step towards clearer and consistent consumer messaging from our industry,’ stated Rob Lucas.

‘We want to drive and provide an informative and educational experience for consumers in the industry. For consumers to be able to engage with trade experts and be provided with information and advice. It’s all about consumer knowledge and growth,’ commented Rob Lucas.

The safety inspection program ran over the course of two days Thursday 23 and Friday 24 November 2017. Over the two-days there were 29 participants that had full inspections completed, being; twenty-two caravans, six pop-top caravans and one tent/camper trailer along with 36 applications received.



There were four areas in which customers were able to get inspected by trade experts which included;

Stage 1: Plumbing & Gas ESV, VBA and Northern RV Plumbing examined appliances, lines, vents, combustible materials and butane burners. They provided a range of relevant information and advice to consumers.
Stage 2: Electrical ESV and Caravan Electrical solutions inspected extension leads and cables, electrical equipment, battery systems, solar and internal electrical equipment whilst providing relevant educational information to consumers.
Stage 3: Caravan Inspection Service and repair companies checked dimensions, structural (chassis and body), leakage and other potential issues, offering relevant advice and solutions to consumers.
Stage 4: Weights & Hooking up Everything Caravan and Camping, Hayman Reese and CIA VIC conducted checks of towing vehicles and caravans. The Hayman Reese team guided consumers through hooking up and answered any questions relating to the process.



Participants were asked to complete a survey and provided feedback following their experience participating in the program. Participants were asked to provide information about where they heard about the ‘Free Caravan and RV Safety Inspection’ Program - from feedback received, 88% of participants heard about the program on Facebook, 6% heard about it from the Melbourne Leisurefest program and 6% read it in the local newspaper. From the results, all participants advised that they were very satisfied with the inspections and they would recommend the Caravan and RV Safety Inspection Program to others highlighting the value and service the customers received from all parties.



Consumer Comments:

- ‘It was very informative, the guys were very friendly. My Sister and I learnt so much from it. We were not rushed through, we were given all the time we needed. Congratulations and THANK YOU!’ – Lyn Burnett;

- ‘I learnt things that I otherwise wouldn't have known, which would have affected the safety of my vehicle and van.’ - Garry O'Bree;

- ‘Took a day off work and towed my van from Frankston to Bendigo just for the inspection. The team was on time and very knowledgeable, taking time to explain all details to me.’ – Phil Thomson;

- ‘Great initiative and well executed. Everyone there was a wealth of information.’ - Michael Gadd; 

- ‘Professional, informative, nonjudgmental. Fantastic information and a great free service.’ - Carryn Hendy


Written by Tanya Hall