ECC Weigh In Day Wrap up

Today we ran our 2nd weigh-in day, and after the first one i was a little bit wiser & a little smarter 


Massive thanks to my great boss for letting me have use for the one and only time ( as its not a public weighbridge ) to be able to do this for you guys


Also a big thankyou to the guys who gave up their saturday to help out , Tony Moretti (weighbridge operator) , Graeme Shenton ( Acting Sargent VicPOL for helping weigh vans and ensuring correct info ),  Peter Pignotti ( Jayco Mount Gambier for helping out with checking towball weights and general questions ), Michael Altorfer ( helping pre filling data sheets and ensuring line was flowing) , Dave Sutton & Scott Hamilton ( directing traffic roadside so no disruption to business ) .This would not be possible without the help of these guys so well done and thank you .


We kicked off officially at 8:30am. We got down there at 7:30 am  and as I suspected there was a van waiting so we got straight into it  to avoid a back log and not to affect any incoming or outgoing traffic from surrounding businesses. Right from the start I knew we were in for a big day.   


By day's end we had weighed 72 rigs!!!!  Most of the rigs weighed were caravans, 69 in fact , but we also had   2 camper trailers and 1 motorhome.


We were checking GCM , GVM , GTM , ATM and Ball Weight


Most rigs were within 50kgs of their maximum weights and were packed and ready for an extended trip with full water tanks and stocked fridges.  There were around 10 vans that were well under their limits, which again is an excellent outcome.  There was one  that was well overweight and being 400kgs over his ATM. 


79% were over on ATM

23% were over GTM 

6% were over GVM 

27% were over on BALL WEIGHT 


Download our weigh in data sheet if your able to do yourself



All up, it was an extremely successful day.  We were fortunate to have great instructions of what to do provided by Graeme Shenton, the police officer who ran the recent operation in Newmerella, Victoria.  



The next weigh in will be held in Victoria  at a location to be determined.  Keep an eye out on the Everything Caravanning and Camping group and for details.


Images Courtesy Maria Stabler