ECC Independant Weigh-in Day

Here at Everything Caravan and Camping we take towing safety very seriously and we have been working hard to promote awareness of the safe towing message.



Following on from the success of the Caravan Safety Operation in Newmerella, Victoria, back in January,It has become very clear from this exercise that lots of travellers don’t know the weights or are over the limit of what they can or are allowed to tow.


Do you know how heavy your Caravan/Camper/Motorhome is if u DONT you SHOULD not only will you receive a hefty fine if caught but if something was to happen your insurance will not cover you, but first and foremost you are putting your lives and other road users at potenetial risk  of harmful injury .


So thanks to Acting Sargent Graeme Shenton for getting the ball rolling and being pro active in this matter and it has inspired us to keep the message going .



So Everything Caravan & Camping (me) has enlisted and teamed up with my good mates from (Marty Ledwich) so ensure the message keeps getting through and help make the roads  safer and with the advice and procedure from Acting Sargent Graeme Shenton of the Victorian Police, to organise and run a series of Weigh-Ins in South Australia and Victoria ( may include other states ) over the coming months. Find out your GVM,GTM,GCM,ATM & TOWBALL WEIGHT.


These will be run independently from Police and Roads Authorities. No fines will be issued if your vehicle is found to be overweight. The objective of the weigh ins is to provide drivers with data about their rigs that they can use to ensure they are compliant with the weight restrictions of their vehicles. Depending what state we are in we will endeavour to find out from the police what the infringments would be if THEY were doing it instead of us which is educational ONLY.Drivers will also receive information about towing safety and can seek advice about ways to better manage their loads.



This will be a great opportunity for anyone towing a caravan or any large trailer to check their actual weights and find out if they are actually legal. There will be no charge for attending. Many RVers are finding out that their rigs are overweight, some by hundreds of kilograms. Apart from being illegal, it is unsafe both for themselves and for other road users. We strongly urge you to take advantage of this free service. Until then, safe travels.


The first of these weigh ins will be held in MT GAMBIER on Saturday the 17th of June,kicking off at 8:30am  at the old Masters complex, Mt Gambier Market Place, 204 Penola Rd, Mt Gambier. See map below.