Towing Mirrors

Why have towing mirrors?


      When towing a caravan / camper trailer the rear vision mirror is of little use as the view is obstructed. 

      And depending on how big your caravan / camper is your side mirrors may not give you a clear

      view of any vehicles alongside or behind you.








      A reversing camera fitted to the rear of your caravan will also provide a good rear view but will not provide good

      vision down both sides of your caravan or trailer.  So towing mirrors will be required to compliment the rear view camera.  








      Why wouldn’t you give yourself the best chance of being able to see what’s around you and know what’s there and

      know you are doing the best you can to keep your family and other road users safe.







This clearly shows why you need them







Rules and Regulations

The driver must have an unrestricted vision down either side to the rear of the caravan or camper trailer and a clear view to see any overtaking or following vehicles.

Check relevant laws for your state or territory


What are the best types ??

There are various types available bonnet, guard, door , clip on and full replacement mirrors available. They can range anywhere  from $20 up to $800 for a set and as the saying goes ‘You get what you pay for’.

They should be stable and as Sturdy as possible as any bouncing or vibrating  can make it difficult for clear vision.


Suction cup or Strap on mirrors.


         These are more user-friendly as you can adjust from inside your vehicle.  I personally  have owned both sets and found the suction

         cup ones didn’t take long to come off and way too much vibration, could barely see anything out of them. While the strap on ones

         stayed on they still had vibration through them and wasn’t the clearest. Basically they made me legal but both were not effective.    












Bonnet Towing Mirrors


      A metal cross-bar that extends from one side of bonnet to the other . Usually held on by clips inserted on each side

      of the bonnet near the wheel arch.   A mirror is attached to each end on either side. Not user-friendly as you can’t

      reach to adjust  from inside your vehicle.







Clip on mirrors


       There are many versions of the clip on mirrors and in my opinion these are the best Milencos and is currently

       what we are using. User friendly and very easy to install with no vibration at all. Very good value for money.   






Ratchet strap / Braced style mirror

   Another very good mirror , Little bit of setting up to get them on but once on they are also very good. Easy to adjust ,
   no vibrations with a good clear view of what’s behind you.          
   Hint: when tightening the strap wet it will draw tighter and you will not have to re-tighten when it rains, another hint is to put a
   magnetic business card on the clean dry door where the pad touches this may help in stopping dust from being abrasive between the pad and paint.





Clearview mirrors


       Clearview mirrors are a full replacement of you existing mirrors, very user-friendly simply pull them out and extend them

       when required and push back in when not using them only down side in my opinion is they are quite big and look big

       in proportion to your vehicle .