Dont get Scammed




1.    If it is too good to be true – it is a scam. True live examples seen are Motorhomes/Caravans being advertised for $16,000 when you do a redbook / google search all other pricing is over $60,000. Don’t be fooled by the price !!!!! – See a live example of fraud / scam advertisement below



Google this model to find market values – see below normal price between $69,000 - $75,000

NOTE PRICE IN AD is $16,000





























2.    Asking for money without meeting in person – email only contact




3.    Phone number always goes to voicemail and all communication is completed via email – see Below for a live email example



Live fraud / scam email you will receive:





4.    Insists on immediate payment, payment via EFT or wire transfer and an elaborate reason for this way of payment often involving the seller being overseas



5.    People in crisis in another city other than you and delivery after payment



6.    Always google search the picture of the item you are looking to purchase – see below for instructions how to do this



To google search image – right click on image with mouse and select “Search Google for Image”






This will then bring up the below results. Change the wording in the search bar for the item you are searching i.e. in this case 2005 Jayco Conquest. You will also note below search results are showing the exact Gumtree advertisement:






You will know that it is a fraud / scam if your picture comes up on other sites for different pricing.

Make sure you are searching through all images and pages that include matches to be sure

























Pictures & Article Courtesy of Kym Morwood