Caravans R us




Used Caravans Victoria was established in 2004 and then quickly evolved to Caravans ‘R’ Us when they commenced stocking and selling new manufactured vans. Caravans ‘R’ Us is operated by Kean and Leon, both with young families and a love of caravanning and adventure.

Having a passion for caravanning, travel and the outdoors, they have a combined 35 years experience in the industry. After working for many of the major caravan dealers and some of the smaller ones as well, they both have a great understanding of each new customer’s needs and wants, so as to make their trip as enjoyable as possible.

 They are committed to help you with the right advice to choose the van that’s right for you and the understanding that their customers are dealing with the owners of the business and not a salesperson whose priority is to make a commission from a sale.




           Why Kokoda ??

            Australian Made

   The reason you would buy a Kokoda is simple - 'Peace of Mind'. Kokoda Caravans are made right here in Australia in top factories by  highly experienced craftsman. Kokoda vans are premium quality and unbeatable value. Compare the range to other similar vans that competitors offer and you’ll see that you’ll be saving thousands.






MickyBlu -  

Most Kokoda dealers around the country and now stocking these units as they have been proven to be very reliable.

Pure sine wave 3200w constant power at 32kg, Operated by a 15m remote start feature, key start and back up battery charging 14.1V option pull start with an inbuilt trolley and wheels, 2 x dual 10/15 amp plug attachments, a metal tank, a fuel injected Carburator, A newly designed fuel gauge added ,this is the best 2017 model Hyundai have built yet. Call 03 5248 5115 to grab yours