Simon Crane Electrical



I'm a mobile technician wanting to ensure everyone's caravan and camping experience is as stress and hassle free as possible as it should be. There is not many problems I don't know about, and if I don't know about it, i'll call, email or research, as much as possible to get to the bottom of the problem.






As an independent repairer, I have no worries in finding the correct answer without protecting anyone else but the consumer and their needs. I have experience with all caravan makes and models and understand how they work.






Whether there is an issue, concern or not knowing how to use a product, i'll do everything I can to help out. I understand when you purchase a new or second hand van that you won't necessarily get shown the correct way to use the van to it's full potential (sometimes, not even shown). In this case I am more than happy to run through the van with you and not leave till you have the confidence to be able to set the van up and maximise the potential that your much loved, stress free holidays are planned to be.






If you plan on buying a van and not to sure of what to look for, I'm am happy to meet you there and inspect the van with you. I will run you through any problems that may arise or if you purchase a van with issues, i'll work out a strategy to overcome the problem that best suits you and your requirements.


So, please get out there and explore this large, desirable country in your much loved van and let me get my hands dirty to make sure you can keep living the dream. 


Simon Crane

Licence No. 284205C

Coffs Harbour and Surrounds NSW 2450

ABN 29 767 748 412

Mobile 0421 407 265