Stealth Deflector



Stealth Deflector

The Stealth deflector, is the most versatile wind deflector on the market today, with its Aluminium light weight construction, it has the ability to be adjusted to almost any angel, as well as being able to be adjusted to suit what bars you have from the roof top of the vehicle.

Our unique patented design is used for deflecting wind over a caravan or anything being towed by a vehicle, to improve fuel economy to the towing vehicle by cutting drag, and to improve road stability of the vehicle being towed by preventing turbulence as shown in our video below.

Also with our unique design we have found it can also be used to deflect wind over on top racks resulting in less drag from the load above once again resulting in better fuel economy.

We welcome any questions you might have and will do our best to help.

How to pay, it’s as easy as a click of the mouse, all you have to do is send us your postcode and we will send you a quote for freight to your door, when your happy and wish to purchase lets us know and we will send a PayPal invoice, and it’s just a simple click and your done






People ask us what limitations does out Stealth Deflector have?

The best answer I can give is we haven’t found any yet!

We go four wheel driving and we have ours mounted 24/7 in all conditions

We are asked what speed restrictions are there?

The best way to answer that is a video first on the Cunningham hwy at 98kph

then on the pacific hwy at 109kph