Hex Pegs

Hex Pegs
After years of hammering in and pulling out normal pegs and watch others do the same, I couldn't help but think that there had to be a better way. This led to the idea of a power tool doing the work instead of someone using a hammer or peg remover.

The idea of Hex Pegs was born at a family holiday in Moonta Bay in January 2016 and after 12 months of hard work, became a reality when Hex Pegs were launched in January 2017.

Our Slogan "Just Easier" reflects what Hex Pegs have been designed to be and whilst they've been deigned to be easy to use, they've also been designed to last.

They can be used with Annexes, Tents, Guy lines (with or without trace springs), Awnings, Shelters and Gazebos.

We have designed Hex Pegs with the user in mind. We understand that a significant portion of caravanners and campers may not have the back's, Hips or knees they once had and honestly believe that Hex Pegs will make things easier for them!

We are proud of what we've developed and are very happy to provide pegs that will make caravanning, camping and the outdoors even more enjoyable.
Normal pegs can easily pull out of the ground whilst Hex Pegs are threaded and stay in the ground. These Gazebo's were side by side and experienced significant wind force from a recent storm.

Additionally, the guy lines can be attached to the hook attachments on the Hexpegs reducing potential trip hazards!
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