Welcome to GripSport.

We’re  a Specialist Engineering Company... based in Melbourne, but selling (and delivering) our bike racks into every corner of Australia and New Zealand.

We  design and  make our bike racks... in our own factory... right here in Australia.

Our  Van-Racks are designed especially for caravans & camper trailers etc and we haven’t yet seen a caravan or camper trailer that couldn’t be fitted with a GripSport bike rack.   

They  are the quickest, safest and simplest-to-use racks in the world.

The Van-Rack tilts your bikes out of the way for instant access to things like front boots, toolboxes and gas bottles.






The Van-Rack can quickly and easily be swapped over onto your car (optional adapter required)






Our  bike racks are guaranteed for life and will carry all types of bikes... from carbon fibre racers to big, heavy electrics.
















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