How did the Camptoo story start?


Camptoo was founded in the Europe three years ago. It all started with three friends not being able to hire a unique and privately-owned motorhome for a short weekend getaway. That’s when they decided to build a thriving online community to enable motorhome owners to rent out their vehicle to fellow travellers. Since then Camptoo has grown into a passionate community of over 1 200 motorhomes, campervan and caravan -owners in Europe. The successful Camptoo concept is now available for Australian owners as well.


Let your camper go to work for you!


Instead of collecting dust whilst sitting idle in the garage or driveway the vehicle is where it’s supposed to be: On the road!

The proven Camptoo concept focuses on renting out your vehicle in a safe and easy way for both owners and travellers. Camptoo looks after verification of all travellers, manages the easy and secure payment process, collects a security bond and provides the rental agreements, all necessary transfer forms as well as checklists. In addition to that, Camptoo actively promotes all listed vehicles.


How it works!


  1. You create a free advertisement on (we are happy to create if for you) with a short description and some photos of your vehicle. You also set the nightly rental fee, the availability as well as all your house rules.
  2. Potential renters browse through the vehicles on Camptoo and choose the one that best fits their needs. If they have found your vehicle they will send you a message or a reservation request. It is totally up to you are going to accept or reject the request.
  3. Camptoo handles all the background checks, secure payment process, authorises a security deposit and does all the paperwork for you.
  4. On the pick-up day, you meet the travellers in person and send your vehicle off to work.


What our customers say about us


Hollie (Traveller): “Thank you so much for your help. Your assistance has been second to none, I wouldn't hesitate to tell everyone about your fabulous service.”

Carlea (Owner): “The interaction with the Camptoo team was great. They are always available and proactive.”

Dianne (Active camping community member): “Camptoo is such a great idea and I will be telling all my friends about it. They even came and looked at my vehicle. Their customer service is great!”


Your benefits


Hire out your vehicle to like-minded community members and earn a great side income. Camptoo helps you every step of the way and the best thing: the service comes at no cost for you!

Phone: 03 9988 6111