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This publication is considered one of Australia’s most valuable printed resources for the RV traveller, providing a comprehensive and authenticated guide to free and low cost camping as well as unique outback and remote camping sites throughout Australia

There are two versions of Camps 9:

Camps 9 A4 Spiral & the Camps 9 With CampsSnaps B4 with over 2700 site photos 

Once again we have “notched up’ a great number of kilometers, checking, verifying and visiting existing and new sites, and adding new photos.

Those that we have found closed or not suitable have been removed. The result of this ‘zig zagging’ around and across Australia is that there are now over 4000 sites listed in this new edition, the majority of which are overnight stops and camping areas, also included are low cost caravan parks, showground camping, hotel and pub camping, national & state parks and station stays.

The maps have been customized as much as possible to make them easier to read.

Indexing is state by state, found at the front of the campsite listing.

Everything a traveller needs to know about each site can be easily found by looking at the descriptive icons and symbols. These show facilities such as toilets, maximum rigs, maximum stay allowed, dump points, pets allowed, fees applicable, mobile phone coverage and site access details.

Camps 9 is great value for money. After just 2 or 3 nights free or low cost camping in sites found in the book, the savings you make will outweigh the cost of the book.

Being able to plan a trip with stopovers that are free or low cost, knowing if pets are welcome and seeing available facilities at a glance, has proven to be a hit with travellers across Australia.

It’s easy to see why the Camps guides are regarded as the “Travellers Bible”.

A free user friendly searchable Update Service is provided on our website, Changes will occur especially over time after the books release, so it’s important to check regularly for updates.

Key Features:

  • Over 4,000 sites all researched, visited and verified by the authors.
  • Over 3,200 Pet friendly sites.
  • Free online “Update Service” on the Camps website
  • All sites have a GPS coordinate to assist with navigation on GPS units 






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Experience the very best caravan and tourist parks in Australia with this full colour, updated guide to 2293 caravan/tourist parks, with 1700 of these being PET friendly.

As the most comprehensive caravan and tourist park guide in Australia, Caravan Parks Australia Wide is a must have travelling companion.

Whether you are a caravanner, motor homer or a traveller looking for cabin style accommodation, this guidebook contains all the information you need to find a place to stay.

A numbered caravan symbol has been placed on the map at each town or location where a park can be found and each state has an index of parks at the beginning of the listing that can be used as a quick reference.

Travellers can also use the informative symbols in the book to determine whether a park meets their needs. Coloured symbols are included on each listing to inform the reader about facilities such as powered sites, en-suite sites, tent sites, BBQ, pool, approximate cost, pets allowed, large sites, drive thru sites and dump points.

Plan your trip on or off the road by checking the map for caravan symbols on your planned route, seeing at a glance what facilities are available at certain parks and using the GPS coordinates included in the book to find your desired location. Finding a park that meets your needs has never been easier.






  • Camps Australia App, the ultimate verified camping and caravan park guide. $7.99 from Apple iTunes or Google Play
  • The Camps Australia App 2.0 has a newly designed user friendly interface that makes navigating the App simpler and quicker. The listings include free and low cost camping, station stays, national parks, state forest parks and rest areas, showground camping, hotel and pub camping, as well as all the tourist caravan parks throughout Australia.  The App also shows all the public RV Dump Points and location of information centres to help you explore the areas you visit.Touch the icon on the map to open the site information or you can search by town and site name. The easy to understand symbols show what’s at the site, ie: toilets, showers, disabled facilities, shade, power, pet friendly and a photo if we have one.You can also add reviews, give a star rating, create favourites and share sites with friends.  A trip planner allows you to create multiple trips in advance, or track the sites you have visited, and add your own comments to the trip dairy.To stay up to date after your purchase there is an “In App” subscription option to enable you to receive new and updated information.

Camps Australia App 2.0 Features:

  • Maps by Google, you can switch between the standard map and satellite, plus there is an Offline map when you do not have cellular coverage
  • Filter the site type on the map
  • The ability to filter attributes so you can highlight ‘must have’ facilities such as pet friendly sites, free, toilets
  • Site photo is visible online and offline
  • Search by site name or state and town
  • Create a travel diary, either for future trips or as a record of sites you have stayed at while on your travels, you can also add notes to the diary
  • Write reviews and leave a star rating for sites
  • Create favourite sites on the map
  • Offline maps and sites are available once downloaded to the app.
  • Share sites on Facebook or emails with friends
  • Have a great new site to add to the App, you can do this via your Camps App account, we will verify and visit then add. 
  • Option to allow GPS guidance via Metroview GPS App (Purchase separately in iTunes or Google Play) 
  • You can take up the option to subscribe to updates for new sites and changes to existing sites Yearly Subscription $19.95 or Monthly Subscription $2.99 (In App Purchase via iTunes or Google Play)
  • Questions and Support contact us at