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Aussie Outdoor Mates is a family owned and operated business with a love of the Great Outdoors. We create simple, sturdy, versatile and practical outdoor products. No matter what outdoor adventures you love, fishing, boating, dirt bike riding, sports events, outdoor music festivals, equestrian events, picnics, the beach, camping, or taking off with the 4wd or caravan – Aussie Outdoor Mates really are “Your Best Mate for the Great Outdoors.



AOM Drink Mate


A sturdy metal powder coated stake with a screw on laser cut drink holder attachment, to hold cans, stubbies, coffee mugs, wine glasses and wine or champagne bottles. Comes with an attached bottle opener, a metal bowl holder with melamine bowl, plus a black canvas bag. Drink Mate stands 90cm high and has a foot stabiliser to help you push it into the ground. The shaft can be unscrewed into two pieces so it fits nicely in the 50cm long x 20cm deep Black bag. * Bowl color pictured may vary. Also has a screw point on the top of the shaft for attachments coming soon - such as the solar light.







Wine Bottle Cooler


Neoprene Bottle Cooler with zip up top.

Suitbale to fit all wine bottle, long necks and will fit Champagne Bottles too.




Dunny Mate


Sturdy Powder coated stake with a 'T' attachment to hold your toilet rolls in your outdoor Toilet.

Screws together in two parts, with a foot support and comes in a handy Brown bag, with two toilet rolls to start you off.

Also has a screwpoint at the top of the shaft ready for other attachments coming soon - such as the solar light.





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