Lisa's Camp Oven Nachos

 1 hot camp oven 7 briquettes under base & 23- 24 on lid. 1 trivett inside

 1 or 2 pie or tin plates lined with foil ( saves washing up)

 Corn chips

 A bottle medium heat salsa

 Tasty or Mozzerella cheese ( a mix of them is good)

 Chopped capsicum

 Chopped shallots

 Chopped red onion

 You can put a thin layer of refried beans on base first & sprinkle with chopped jalapeño if you like.

 Sour Cream

 Mashed avocado with a squeeze of lemon & a grind of cracked pepper











Refried beans first if you use them

Layer of corn chips

Layer of salsa

Sprinkle with red onion, shallot, capsicum & lastly the cheese

Repeat this again.

Pop in camp oven & cook till cheese has melted – about 12 – 15 mins & serve with avocado & sour cream.

The long suffering assistant loves nachos.

Your children could prep this whole dish.

Easiest way to get it out of a 12 inch oven is with oven mitts.